Food Truck Challenge

Visualisation to execution!

2 - 3 hours
16 - Unlimited


Each team is told the core ingredient, the location, type of clientele and time of operation of their Food Truck. With this information, they are required to consider every aspect of the business, including, the brand, signature dish, side dishes, food presentation and pricing.Planning time commences, teams strategise, ideate and allocate responsibilities. They then get to action creating their real live Food Truck.Times up! Teams present their signature dish to the Master Chef. Meanwhile a judging panel decides on which is the best food truck business.

Learning Outcomes

Food Truck is a collaborative activity that assists employees in learning and improving their ability to work as a team, effective communication and time management. The number and variety of tasks that must be completed, encourages participants to realise the importance of planning and organisation. It helps individuals to recognise their strengths and be responsible for tasks assigned to them, knowing the importance of their role in the overall mission.

Related Testimonial

Food Truck was a great success. Everyone was engaged throughout the activity. Teams said how sharing best practices and innovation thinking during the activity helped them perform better.


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